Friends made in Turkey
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Mark gave me a 2nd home in Istanbul where I lived on week-ends and Tuesday nights(I actually slept at his place 4 nights/week!). We watched LOST, bsg and Doctor Who together. I also contemplated working with him in his website design business.
Most important of all, he was a great brother in CHRIST who supported, challenged + encouraged me. He's off to the US now to kickstart the business there.
Wow, I am so, so, so thankful to have met Jerilyn! I was beginning to forget what good sisterly friendships look like and she came through for me big time! We had some great talks together over lasagna, we hiked Mt. Vitosha in a blizzard and we skied Borovets. I really can't picture my time in Istanbul without her. Her encouragement and support were invaluable! She's off to beautiful Colorado to do her PhD!
The Opels
The Opel clan . . . :)
We hung out every Tuesday night for dinner, games, videos, singing and prayer. I sooo enjoyed getting off campus the one night/week to hang with them. Kurt is working with Mark in his business and Anna's home schooling the boys, Superman and Batan(they have the pjs to prove it!) Thanks for opening up your family to me! It was so great! :)
Charlotte joined us every Tuesday night at the Opels. We also did dinner together at a restaurant called Otantik on Tuesdays when we didn't eat at the Opels(I'll miss Hunkar Begendi). We also rode the ferry together over to church on Sundays with Mark when we all managed to get up! ;)
Char is teaching English and dating a pretty hot Turkish boy. She's also starting up at a Seminary in the fall.
Toni came over to help out a family by being their nanny for three months. We did the Alpha course together which is where we met Alex (right). We also almost dated lol! ;)
She's studying Turkish and teaching English for the rest of the year and then she's going home to finish her degree (one semester left!). Maybe I'll see her on the teaching circuit one day? ;)
Serkan my good buddy!
We taught the grade nine computer classes together. We both put the student's education first and so we had a lot of fun putting together the curriculum. I really enjoyed working with him and I look forward to having my new co-teachers in Manila be just as fun.
To get around the red tape, he also let me put my motorbike in his name. You were a great friend and co-worker Serkan! :)
John and Lorna
John and Lorna invited me out to the beach on one of my first week-ends in the country. Lorna pulled out some juggling balls and then we got the idea to try juggling together. Quite a fun site on the beach! :)
Every since then, often under the guise of needing computer help, we met for dinner on Thursday nights about once/month. John's a great cook! He's retiring this year but Lorna's going to go for another.