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Sunday December 3rd, 2006

Leonardo's Blues

So I got to see 'The Genius of Leonardo' exhibit at a museum in Istanbul.  I've been carrying my camera around with me for the past two weeks but I've been too lazy to get pictures and unfortunately, it carried on to this exhibit.  There were 40 models created from his designs, one of them being an armoured car.  It was a huge wooden thing with four wheels and each wheel required at least one person inside to turn it.  There was also a band saw, a parachute with a wooden frame and some gliders.  Just when we were leaving, I asked Alex to take a
picture of me in the phone booth.  It's an inside joke for my siblings back home.  The top right is a tomb for a rich person.  There were many in this area.  On the right are the tombs for less rich people.  The hat on the top represents the occupation of the deceased.  On the left are the tombs of the women related to the rich
people somehow.
This little boy is having his circumcision day today so he's dressed to the teeth.  All of the tombs were surrounded by mosques which is where the men are praying on the far right.
Below left is a pic of me on the top of a hill filled with tombs of the middle class.  Their headstones were generally rectangular in shape.
So I went to my first Blues concert this week-end!  I am now a full fledged converted Blues fan!  I never knew it was such fun music to dance to.  For some reason I always thought is was some sort of depressing music or something.  Here's a video of some of the concert.  Be sure to watch the first minute.  There was this great kid who had some major dance moves.  He was standing on the table just giving her (in the audience - not the kids on the stage, he is hard to see with the quality I had to save it for the website).  I totally fell in love with him.  There's a fun guitar solo in there as well.  I think the beauty of the music is that they repeat their beats so often in between solos that you feel like you've known the music all your life halfway through the song.  I've never listened to Blues music before and they won me over in one night!!!


Saturday December 16th, 2006

Wednesday Club

So this is what I do every Wednesday afternoon and I love it!!!  I'm really proud of myself for being a first year teacher at the school and starting up this club.  We have over twenty students attending every week and they really enjoy it.  I was warned that there would be a lot of resistance to our starting up a sports club.  We did encounter some, but we were able to push through and see the club start and the students love it so I'm really happy about it all.  Oddly enough, we started the club with American football as the selling point, but most of the
students actually prefer playing ultimate frisbee.  I did have some selfish reasons though for starting the club, being that I wanted to play some sports myself!  I also teach a lot of the students in the club so it's really fun to be able to play a sport with them during the week.
The fellow in the middle is an Australian teacher who joined the club when we lost a helper.  He was hoping to alternate American football and rugby, which would have been fun, but the students didn't want to do that so he started rugby games on Monday night.  I hope to make it out sometime and play with them.
It's sunny here right now and 10C.  I'm told this has been an amazing winter so far which I'm so happy about.  Normally it rains a lot but we've had a lot of sun.
Here's a video of a drama I did for teacher's day.  Unfortunately, the cameraman didn't figure out the zoom until the end of the video and it's a bit long.  I'm the fellow wearing the Leaf's shirt rolling around on my Heelys. (thanks Auntie Beep!)


Happy Christmas to all!

This is always the hardest time of year for me to be away from Canada.  I miss seeing friends and family over the holidays!!!  It's so sad!!!  I miss the whole build up to Christmas from the music on the radio to shopping at the mall.  I also miss the snow!  I'm going to miss sledding, skiing and skating!
We'll do things here to make it special like having a progressive dinner and singing some carols.  It'll be fun in different ways.  There's a real secret to learning how to do that.  Sometimes it works for me an other times not.
May this be a great Christmas and New Year's for us all!!!  With love, Alan.