Merry New Year!!!     Bring it on!                                           The Blob,  Vol. 2, Issue 1, January 2007

Sunday January 7th, 2007

Merry New Year!!!
'The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and to be loved in return.'
Yep, I watched 'Moulin Rouge' over the New Year's break.  I could write a book from my own life on that thesis as anyone could I'm sure.  The movie was nice, but I think it barely scratched the surface.  Oddly enough, I think the second part has to come before the first.  Why is it so difficult to accept love from each other?  I find it so ironic that we as humans can live in big cities (or on a campus for me right now) with people all around us and yet we are

so distant from each other emotionally.  The big power outage back in the summer of '03 was the first time I met a lot of my neighbours and it was so fun talking with them.  Why did it have to take such an extreme event to bring us together?  Does technology separate us into being more robotic or is it the infusion of such large numbers of people into small areas?  My dad's death accomplished the same thing by bringing my family together for a time.  Why can't life always be that way?  Love really is such a simple thing and yet we make it so complex in our everyday lives.  It also has a different meaning
for each of us which complicates things I suppose.  It really does take a wise person to accept love from someone in a different form than what is meaningful to us, eh?  We can take our parents' love for granted all of our lives and sometimes focus on what was lacking or feel like they don't care about us until one day we grow up and start to understand the sacrifices they made for us in the name of their love.  Why don't we have classes on this at school?  I guess it's something that needs to be taught to us in our personal relationships, which is a problem with education and the working force these days in
having lost the apprenticeship learning.  Books have nothing over a personal teacher.
My grade nine classes had to do a movie maker project.  The computers in the school were crashing and not working with the work they brought in from home so in one class, six students brought in their personal laptops!  I thought it was so hilarious I took a picture of each of them.  The girl on the left couldn't open her project so I had to let her use my computer at the front of the class.  I guess I really do like change ups in the routine because that was a fun class for me.  Adds a little spice to life.


Thursday January 11th, 2007

Bring it on!

I'm told that the Christmas decor has picked up a lot in the last few years around Turkey.  They don't celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate New Year's and give out gifts at that time.
Those of us around for the break brought the New Year's in at a restaurant.  We actually started the countdown in the restaurant.  The Turks around us seemed oblivious to the time but once we started they all joined in.
We had three days off for New Year's.  Most teachers travelled somewhere or other but I stayed in town to relax partly because we have two weeks off at the end of January during which I plan to get in some skiing and hiking.
The reindeer picture's pretty Christmasy, eh?
That's my best friend on campus, Alex, and his girlfriend Meredith.  She lives in the US, but they've managed to see each other about once a month since September. They've already met up in the US, Germany and Turkey.  There was a joke which started pretty early on regarding Alex and I being married because we do most things together and I think because we bought a vacuum together or some such thing.  Alex and Mitch and Mackenzie in the picture above him have been my main supports here on campus. 
I know some of you like to live vicariously through me with all of my travels because it is pretty exciting and I learn a lot.  As Roy mentioned to me recently, though, he is happy to be married because he understands the downside of my lifestyle which is why he's married and settled.  Just now, I'm sort of restarting my social life here at the school for the third time since I arrived.  It is partly due to the strange commune dynamic we live in here at the school, but it's also just a drawback of being single and travelling.  Mitch and Mackenzie are going home at the end of the month to have their first baby! (yeah!)  Unfortunately, though, it's also sad for me to lose two good friends.  On the positive side, I'm making efforts to seek out new friends which is helping me to get out of the routine I kind of fell into during the fall.  We had a little boys night in town last night which was so fun! :) I don't know why we didn't do it sooner.  It so often does take sad and difficult things for us to make changes for the better, eh?  How ironic!