Erikli     Gebze                                                                                                          The Blob,  Vol. 2, Issue 3, March 2007
Tuesday March 6th, 2007


If you don't see a YouTube video above and below you may need to download the flash player (free):
So the student hike finally happened!!!  Yeah!!! :)
We had a lot of fun (check out the vids on the right).
We also ate better than I would have eaten had I been home:  cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, watermelon, freshly roasted chestnuts and popcorn over the fire!
The weather was a little wet but the students handled it well as you can see in the pic below!
These are the two leaders I joined on the trip.  Above and below are some of my students.  It was a lot of fun getting to know them away from school.  I would never have guessed some of these students to be as tough as they were with the weather.  Most of them also had some good gear of which some costs about double what it would cost back home!
I'm trying to meet trekkers around the city and the school's doing another trip next month.  The leader on the left will be my guide up Ararat which he says is a go for August so I'm really excited!!!


Sunday March 25th, 2007


Yes there is a GOD!  I got to go hiking with three beautiful girls this week-end! :) It was raining in the morning but we went out anyways.  The sun came out when we got there and it was so beautiful!  The water was really clear so we could see the fish and the beautiful green algae - such pretty colours!
Two of the girls are German and one is Polish.  This is more of the international flavour I expected to see in Istanbul.
There were a couple of scary spots shimmying along some rock faces, as seen above, but we managed it quite well - not one soaker!  The trail followed a river between two cliffs (you can see one cliff in the background of the far right pic - a popular climbing spot)  There were also a couple of waterfalls along the way which will be great spots for swimming and cliff jumping when it gets a little warmer.
Yeah, I'm finally developing a social life outside my school which is so healthy and amazingly good for me.  Skip for joy!  ;) I keep realizing more and more how odd my first semester was having my only friends in a new country be my coworkers - not something I would recommend. ;-)