Lycian III                                                                                                            The Blob,  Vol. 2, Issue 4, April 2007
Tuesday April 18th, 2007

Lycian III

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So it was another beautiful hike!  That's a poppy on the left (yes they are black in the middle - that's why we stopped using the green filling).  We left the trail after two days because Dorota hurt her foot while she was swimming.  Turned out well though because we ended up paragliding!!! :)
We got into the back of the covered truck and the fellow above left was hanging onto the driver's door, while the vehicle was moving, getting a light for his cig - a total adrenaline junkie.   That's when my fear began because I knew right then and there that he was going to be my co-pilot.  He then proceeded to climb along the side of the truck until he got to
the back where he then climbed up onto the top of the truck and laid down for the whole trip up the 2000m high mountain.  The drive up was actually the scariest part for me because the road was quite narrow and we were hanging out the sides of the truck (see the pic in the video).  It totally felt like we were going to roll over and down the mountain.  I must admit that I also like the adrenaline thing, but I consider myself safe.  I get nervous around true adrenaline junkies because they are crazy.  Out of all of the paragliders, to my chagrin and everyone else's envy, I was the only one to pass through two earth plummeting spins! ;)
On the far left is a rain water system to get water into a monastery built into the cliffs on the sea.  Quite a nice view as you can see in the vid.
The Scotland Yard pic above is for you Jocelyn.  I couldn't believe this little pension had the game!  Just like the good 'ol Consumers Distributing catalogue days of buying board games, eh?