Athens                                                                                                                                      The Blob,  Vol. 2, Issue 8, August 2007
Saturday August 4th, 2007

So I went to Athens for a week to get IB training (IB is an international curriculum out of the UK).  I totally enjoyed my week there.  Way too much to write about.  The top pics are at the Acropolis and Mars hill.  That's also the olympic stadium where the first olympics were held.  We also got to go into the vip lounge at the airport in Istanbul - so fun.  I had my own big screen tv and that very ornate chair to sit in along with free food!!! :)
The food in Greece was totally amazing and I finally found some good alcohol!!!  Ironically, just last night, I found a bar here in Istanbul that's started selling a Turkish wine cooler called r-drinqa.  I'm so happy!!!  One of my biggest wishes for Turkey was for them to get a palatable alcohol and it's finally happened!  I so cannot believe this is true!!!
My waiter problems continued in Greece.  They refused to give us separate bills at this one restaurant, so when we went back, we sat at different tables, placed our orders, and then moved together to sit at the same table.  The pic on the left
is the three of us at different tables and the pic just above it is of us back together.  The pic on the right is our three bills.  Everytime you order something else, they add the bill to the glass.  Apart from the bill thing, though, I really enjoyed the freer atmosphere in the Greek restaurants as regards making out.  I was so happy to see couples kissing freely and passionately both in the restaurants and in public.  I've been approached by waiters in Turkish restaurants for making out.  A friend of mine also claims that she and her
husband were fined for kissing in public way back when.  That one's a little extreme, but it represents something of the Turkish culture.  The Turks consider themselves one big family so if one of them sees you doing something they feel is wrong, they may come up and talk to you about it.  Just two nights ago, a fellow freaked out on me on one of the ferries for having my feet up against the seat across from me.  When I refused to move them (a good way to push his buttons), he sat down and physically pushed my feet with his body.  I moved them, let him move and put my feet right back up on the other side of him.  He then proceeded to talk out loud proclaiming the evilness of my deed for all the boat to hear and I just ignored him and continued doing my Turkish homework.  Somewhere in there, another fellow momentarily joined in the parade.  After a few minutes the original fellow got
up and left (I think he went to tell the boat workers because one of them came in soon after and looked at me and then walked away - unlike the original fellow, I obviously hadn't crossed what the boat worker felt was acceptable public behaviour).  I think I should start making videos of this stuff.  It's so easy to get some people riled up over little things like that and they really get loud in public when that happens.  It was quite a scene the other night, similar to my bus incident earlier this year.