Summer in Istanbul                                                                                                                  The Blob,  Vol. 2, Issue 9, September 2007
Sunday August 26th, 2007

Summer in Istanbul

Yes, these are some of my favourite past times in Istanbul:  sitting in a bean bag chair drinking by the seaside and eating chocolate fondue at Kahve Dunyasi.
Turkish class was a great social experience.  There were students from Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Albania, UK, Uganda, Italy, Germany, Korea and Canada in my class of 13 students.  The bridge in the pic below spans Europe and Asia.  At night it has a cool light
show - kind of like Christmas tree lights.  We also found the Turkish version of MTV as seen above.  We rented the room and watched 'The Gods must be Crazy'.
Ilya from the Ukraine made the roses.  He taught us how and that's me wearing my first rose above.
I have to start going to school this week and the students return in two weeks.  Just now I'm very happy to return to my own apartment because it's quieter and cleaner here but I know I'm going to miss living in the city pretty quick.