The Job Fair                                                                                                                                                    The Blob,  Vol. 3, Issue 2, February 2008

Friday February 8th, 2008

The Job Fair
Ok, there's the long awaited Spider-man pic from the New Year's Halloween party.  Jerilyn was a wise woman and Joanna was a mean little pirate.
Diagonal right is Baby (diapers and all) and the Turkish mail fairy who causes a lot of mail to get lost in Turkey. ;)
Oh, and I finally got a pic of my bike - during the one day of snow in Istanbul this year.  Not too often you get to see a motorbike covered in snow, eh?
Below is an Indian restaurant in London.  We did Thai another night.  London had such great food!  I

almost took a job there as well.  One of my life dreams is to live there one day.  Maybe next time!
Above is a pic of my hostel ($40/night for a dorm room with four).  Great friendly little place with a pub below and free wireless (unlike the $200/night job fair hotel with $20/day internet access).  You can also see a pic of the four hundred teachers at our first intro meeting at the job fair below.  And what would a trip to London be without a pic of a phone booth (diagonal right)?
The job fair was absolutely great and a lot of fun (despite the lack of sleep).  On top of the stress
and the major adrenalin rush of contemplating moving to any country in the world, I was awakened by a couple of drunks who spent 10min. at the door trying to find their pass key at like 4am.  The following night was thanks to a snorer.  On the left is the only other tech teacher I found in like 400 teachers.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun at our interviews.  We could have taken any computer job we wanted.  Great ego booster!  So, where am I going you ask?  Manila!!!  Finally back to the warm tropics!  They have a great package and the job position fit me the best out of them all.  I'll be
A couple of schools I interviewed with were all Mac schools so I've finally decided that it's time to buy a Mac (yep, I give in!).  I think I'm going to throw a lot of money away on the Mac Air just because it looks so cool and it will also be my 2nd laptop (I also like the music in the ad :) ).  btw, good for them for making a laptop without a cd/dvd drive.  Let's get rid of cds and dvds - they totally suck!!!  It'll be a great laptop for home/work travelling.
On the left is a pic of me trying to find the name of a great Turkish dish I kept the receipt for in my wallet.  It's a piece of paper about 2mm high so it's rather difficult to find and read, but the garlic/yogurt sauce in it is awesome!!!
teaching most of what I'm already teaching with some small things added on.  All of my courses will also be electives which are fun to teach because the students really want to learn what you're teaching.  The other big plus is that I'm moving into an international school which is why I got my teaching certification in the first place.