Beginnings                                                                                                                                                     The Blob,  Vol. 3, Issue 4, April 2008
Sunday March 30th, 2008


So I had my fourth visitor last week-end - Rebecca from Rhode Island. :o) We actually met on a cool website called e-harmony. Great place for a nice guy to meet great girls like Becks. ;) It's especially great for people living the 'life uncommon' as we like to put it. Meeting over the internet has some great advantages like being able to talk deeper faster than you might be able to do meeting in person. It also has the disadvantage that you could have these great conversations with people and then meet and find that there is just no chemistry.

We were fortunate enough to experience both. :)
We were both nervous about our first meeting. I brought flowers to the airport on the unanimous vote of friends and we just stared into each other's eyes as we walked to the metro. Beautiful! We spent the next two days hanging, touring Istanbul and forging a deeper friendship. By Monday we both knew that going forward together would be a great thing for us both so I bought her a rose and asked her if she'd like to start dating. Being the smart girl that she is ;), she immediately said 'yes' and now we are moving forward together out of singlehood. It's quite exciting. A lot of GOD things have happened along the way like getting really cheap tickets, timing days off, having places to stay and just plain getting along so well. It's a beautiful and precious gift to find someone who shares your values and worldview. Thank YOU GOD for Rebecca! :)