The Visit                                                                                                                                                 The Blob,  Vol. 3, Issue 5, May 2008
Thursday April 24th, 2008
The Visit Parts I & II

The Visit

So Roy and Jean-Anne came to visit me in Istanbul! Yay!!! :)
A big congrats on your first ocean flight Roy!
We had a lot of fun touring around the city and seeing most of the historical sites. Roy also caught a fish (some fish? ;) in the Bosphorus (see the video) while Jean-Anne toured around Laodicea. I also finally confirmed for my own sanity that they really are catching bait sized fish on the Galata bridge. Who would have known?
We did a little trip to the hotprings in Termal with the Opels. The boys, especially David, were quite excited about riding the train for the first time in Istanbul. Jonathan seemed to think that the train was a monkey cage for swinging around ;).
Yes, I also got my MacBook Air (beautiful machine) and I made my first videos with Final Cut Express. Can't wait to go deeper with it in the future. Thanks for the visit R&J. Next time we'll go scuba diving. ;)