Goodbye!     ON Tour '08!                                                                                                          The Blob,  Vol. 3, Issue 7, July 2008
Thursday June 26th, 2008

Yep, two years in Istanbul has come to an end. I'll miss the Europe/Asia ferries, the outdoor cafes and restaurants and the seaside walks. The biggest thing I'll miss though are the good friends! :(
Every Tuesday I used to hang with the Opels (left), Charlotte and Mark(right). We had some great dinners, talks, singing and

prayer times. I miss you all! :D
Wow, Jerilyn(left) you're one of the most beautiful women I've had the privilege to know. We had some great talks and trips to Bulgaria. Best with the Phd Jer!
Toni you were also a great friend. I wish we could have hung out more. All the best in Turkey and with studying next year.
I sure hope I meet great friends like you both in Manila! :)
Ah, Cagri and Sercan, my IB computer students. I'm so sad to leave you to a new teacher for your last year! :( I hope you have a great one boys! Good job this year and with your Tubitak project! Best wishes for uni! :)
And Serkan, my co-teacher. Thanks for all of the help at school and with the motorbike. It was great collaborating and teaching with you. Best of luck with ecdl! ;)
Mark and my roommates at my 2nd house(how funny!) I wish you all the best boys. Thanks for your support, kindness and generosity Mark. You're a super great guy and I hope and pray the best for you with your business! :)
John and Lorna, thanks for the great Thursday nights we had dining and singing together. It was great fun for me. Hopefully see you in the UK someday! :)


Monday July 21st, 2008
ON Tour '08!
So I finally made it back to Canada after two years of being away! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I still can't believe how beautiful Canada is. My siblings and I all managed to get together at the same time in the same place for a Jays game which made for a great reunion.
So the tour started in Sault Ste-Marie where I picked up my motorbike and I rode to North Bay where I met up with my mom (right). I also met my uncle and aunt (diagonals). And what would a highway ride be without a stop at Tim Horton's? ;)
While in North Bay I stayed at my cousin's (left) and I caught up with an old high school friend Ted (right). We had a good time chatting about old times and discussing life for our generation. Next year we'll hopefully head to a scifi convention together and see Starbuck! ;) I also caught up with a buddy from my teaching degree (below). He's setting me up for a teaching job at a college when I return to Canada. ;)
After North Bay I caught up with my siblings in Ottawa, K-W and Toronto (diagleft). It was pretty cool seeing my first Jays game with them! :)
Ian Roy and I (diagtopright) caught up in Stoney Creek and Niagara falls. We did a little hiking and some go-kart racing at which I was a little slow. :(
The bachelors also got together for a little hike (right), and yes, we're in the same spot we found ourselves in two years ago! ;)
Not to be outdone by the cool transportation options in Istanbul, I got to co-pilot a plane over Tobermory with another hight school friend (left). Next summer we're going to do some riding together. He's rebuilt a Harley from the 40s which I'm excited to see on the road.
My second last stop was on Manitoulin island at the farm. Yep, Nic's still a full time farmer subsidized by his teaching. I got to do some haying on the farm and play around on the tractors. We also did a little canoeing and I caught a nice sized pickerel which got away just as he was lifted into the canoe. There was also a rather social sheep following us around everywhere. lol
The tour ended in the Sault at cottage #8.
The month just flew by! Thanks everyone for your hospitality along the way! I can't believe it's almost over! I love you all and I look forward to seeing you again soon. :) Come and visit me in Manila! :)