Manila     Corregidor       Boracay                                                                                          The Blob,  Vol. 3, Issue 8, August 2008
Friday August 8th, 2008
So I've jumped right into travelling. Last week-end a group of us were supposed to go to a volcano. Eveyone bailed at the last minute because school was starting, finances were low and they'd been out late the night before. Meg and I soloed the trip and had a great time. Left is the most beautiful bathroom view I've ever seen and very bottom right is a pic of the lake we crossed to get to the volcano.
Below is our first tour in Manila. This fellow gave use the abbreviated history of the Philippines
which was quite entertaining. The house and the fountain are Spanish. Left was a beautiful wedding and right is one of many great restaurants.
Bottom left was our trip home on the bus with a rather large number of plants. The whole back of the bus became plantville!
Just below is a school we visited which is part of a community outreach. The whole subdivision was built by a charity organization and the school children gave us a little concert. They were so adorable! Makes me want to teach elementary!
Tomorrow I'm off on a day trip to Corregidor which is an old Spanish stronghold on an island.


Thursday August 14th, 2008
So I went off to Corregidor island last week-end. The island's name is Spanish and it means 'to correct' which referred to ships having to stop there to have their papers checked before entering Manila. The island was a strategic defensive point and it was attacked the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. The Americans had a siginificant force there under General MacArthur. He fled pretty quickly after the attack because they weren't ready for the Japanese at the time but he promised to return after he left(bottom
pics). The Americans did return to liberate the Philippines but they lost a lot of soldiers on the Bataan death march after they first surrendered. Sadly, a lot of Philippinos were also killed by the Japanese as they fled. On the right is one of the many memorials to the soldiers.
The island itself is absolutely beautiful. I so loved being in all of the greenery! :)
School is going really well and I'm working on turning my apartment into a tropical jungle. I've got pics up all over the walls and I'm debating on buying a big screen tv. btw, crocs are great here! ;)
Friday August 22nd, 2008
Boracay :)
So I finally made it to a world renown beach! Yay!!! It was so beautiful! The weather is a gamble during typhoon season but we won big time! :)
I went touring on some bicycles with a friend and we found one of the hidden local beaches on the left where the kids swim as they please. ;) They were having fun jumping off the side of the banka here. Every night some sculptors go to work on the beach creating beautiful sand castles. They lay out candles to add to the atmoshphere. It blows me away how they can do it everyday and then have to
watch their castles be destroyed by the tides (though they seem to destory their own before that happens).
The alcohol here is absolutely amazing and soooo cheap!!! Right is a great tasting Boracay!
I must say that life in Manila so far is pretty amazing. It's so easy to get away on the week-ends and the international flair of the school is really fun. And where else could I have Krispy Kremes for breakfast every morning? ;)
I'm actually looking forward to city hanging next week-end. Off to Puerto Gallera tomorrow . . . :)