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Saturday February 21st, 2009

Saturday Services

All of the high school students have to participate in at least one Saturday service each year. Last semester I went to the wildlife protection centre and this year I've gone to an orphanage and a GK build.
The orphanage (left) had many children with both learning and physical disabilities. They are trying to train the younger children to become helpers as they grow up so that the children can still have a place to live. Sadly, many of the children don't get adopted from this orphanage.
The GK build is similar to Habitat for Humanity. They build homes in regions of the city which used to be slums and squatter housing. It's a beautiful thing to see the students participate in these outreaches. My favourite so far this year was the orphanage. Maybe I'll have to start one some day . . .

Monday February 23rd, 2009
So I went on my first retreat here in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful! The grounds were huge and the trails extended into the surrounding farmlands going on forever!
Phil came along with his new girlfriend Grace. Unfortunately Nathan couldn't come but his girlfriend Eve came.
Nathan, Phil and I have started a little Sex in the City group here in Manila. It's really nice having a support group of guys living in the same city as me with whom I can share anything. This is also the first time in my life that I've chosen older friends and I realize that I've been missing out on so much!!! I think that growing up as an older child kind of threw me into a certain dynamic of relationships. Phil is a professor at Ataneo University and Nathan is just finishing his Counseling Master's degree. Makes for some intersting analyst discussions . . .