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Wednesday March 9th, 2009
Bird's Eye View
So I took a flight in a plane from WWII! It was very cool!!! We exited from the cockpit, rather than from a door and with the bubble cockpit, we pretty much had a 360 view for the entire flight!
We flew over Mt. Pinatubo (right). It's still an active volcano which last erupted in 1991.
We also flew over the rice terraces which are considered one of the seven wonders of the world in someone's books. They were quite beautiful as well.
Our pilot flew in the Vietnam war and he shared an interesting story about having acccidentally gunned down a French Red Cross plane! :(
On the left you can hear the podcast from our IT course: He-Man vs Super Mario! :)

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Monday March 23rd, 2009
Emily in Korea
Yes, eHarmony love and romance struck in Korea! :)
Em and I first met back in October and finally had the chance to meet in person over my spring break. While I'm not big on the whole experimental dating culture thing, I must admit that when it comes to love, there is some truth to the old addage that practice makes perfect.
We went to Yoido, the largest church in the world, rode a tandem bike, bathed at the Jim Jil Bang (Korean bath house), saw a Korean palace, watched the changing of the guard, had a home made Indian meal, played some frisbee, hiked a mountain, rode a motorbike down a country road, had an authentic Korean bbq, did some salsa dancing, rode the subway to and fro, meditated at good 'ol Starbucks and made out on airport love seats, taxis, trains, subways, palaces and pagodas. 'Ode to young love! :)