Summer Getaway                                                                                                                                       The Blob,  Vol. 4, Issue 4, April 2009
Friday April 17th, 2009
Summer Getaway

fog. As we got higher, the weather cleared into beautiful sunshine.
Easter is a big holiday here. One of the common things to see are the stations of the cross. A lot of areas set up 12 or 14 boothes where you can spend time walking and meditating over the Easter story. The one on our hike up the mountain had three crosses which looked really cool in the fog. The next day we did another hike through some hills where they had some simpler stations which simply involved reading. When we got back to Manila, we checked out some stations of the cross near my house which were really cool as they were more activity oriented like praying for people and carrying a very heavy cross (I don't know how anyone did it!)
I also introduced Em and Grace to Settler's of Catan (Phile fell asleep!). And lastly, for the big news, yes, Em and I decided to officially start dating. Yay!!! :)

So that's our little sex in the city group having our first get together with our girls at the Hawaiian place (great drinks!). Em visited during the double week-end Easter break here and we went up to Baguio with Phil and Grace for a few days.
March, April and May are considered summer here so a lot of people like to go up to Baguio at this time. It's at a slightly higher altitude which makes it cooler. Actually, I think it probably has pretty much the perfect temperature all year round (it's 16-25C right now and it might be slightly cooler in the winter).
Baguio is also next to the rice terraces of which I captured some pics in my plane tour last month. We did a little hike this time which brought them up close. It was really cool because it was slightly raining when we started and we walked into thick