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Wednesday May 6th, 2009

'Hi Seoul' Spring Festival

Well, this past long week-end started the one month countdown at school! Yay!!! It was quite nice to get away to Korea and see some greenery, even if I was in a city. Of course, the main reason for my visit was to see Emily . . .
It was also a bit of an experiment to see how do-able it will be to visit each other on long week-ends in the future, and I'd say it was a pretty successful one. It's really quite cool to say that I went to another country for the week-end!!!
The visit also happened to coincide with the spring festival. We tried to see the opening Pink Parade on Saturday night, but we ran into a bit of a riot (see the video above). The riot morphed the parade into going to

see Wolverine. This turned out to be rather cool because I used the X-Men on my test two years ago with my IB class, and I'm giving a similar test this week so I got to recycle the idea on this test and see the movie just in time. btw, let the X-Men movies be a warning to you all to stay and watch all movies until all of the credits have rolled . . . (Star Trek this week-end!!!)
The most fun of all was painting my own Korean mask. I chose the colours so that I could wear the mask on Canada day this summer, though thinking just now, I don't want to carry the mask around in my luggage. Perhaps another year. Oh yes, the evil aiport security struck again ... they confiscated my natural toothpaste!!! Let us put an end to this great and evil injustice!!!
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Scratch Examples
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Ok Riley, on the left is an example of a simple program that took me 1 min. to make. Use the arrow keys and you can move the dog all over the screen (click the green flag to start).
On the right is a simple Pac-man game. Again, use the arrows to move Pac-man around the screen.
You can view a lot of other cooler games at:
You can also download the program from there to make your own games and share them with your friends.
Thursday May 14th, 2009
Trekkies Unite!

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable' 
Quotes from the video:
Where was the heavy handed message about tolerance? Where was the stiff acting?
I'm just really, really disappointed that the story line made sense!
Is this Star Trek as riveting as the fans are complaining it is?
Early reviews are calling it a delightful action adventure movie and a sure fire hit! "No wonder the fans feel betrayed here."
The dvd release will feature a special cut just for the Trek fans with 3 hours of extra footage in which characters stand around debating the merits of saving the Andorian Ambassador from the surface of Sylex Four.
Paramount believes that in a few years this film will seem just as dated and cornball as previous Star Trek films.
The new Star Trek movie was a great hit with Hollywood, but how did real Trekkies react? See on the right - >
I loved all of the Trekkie references in the movie and I absolutely love that they showed how Kirk managed to pass the impossible test. I've dreamed of seeing that since I was a kid! Unfortunately, the whole scene was a little disapointing which must be chalked up to the new timeline. In the original timeline, Kirk actually passes the test where as in this timeline, it's rather clear that he would have failed had it not been for the emergency.
And what is up with Vulcan not having any planetary defences? That drill was the whimpiest thing to shoot down ever. And what about earth? Why was the fake Spock the only one out there shooting at the drill?
I'm still not sold on the new Spock and the compromise on the emotions thing, but I have a feeling that this new cast will grow on me. I think it's pretty cool that they're able to change the cast with the natural flow of the Star Trek timeline which they've just changed!!!