Encore                                                                                                     The Blob,  Vol. 4, Issue 6, June 2009
Monday June 15th, 2009

So Em came back to Manila and in the midst of master's courses, dentist apointments and school ending, we got over to Corregidor with Ellie. This was my second time visiting the island which gained infamy in North America during WWII. It was attacked within

hours of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Some believe that had the Philippines not slowed down the Japanese war effort here, mainly at Corregidor island, then WWII might have taken a different turn - perhaps Australia might have fallen? Irregardless, the historical Filippino/American relationship is intriguing and

desecrated by the Japanese. Of course, the Japanese carried their own flags for such purposes which they could film being stomped on and burned for propaganda purposes after their victories.
Ellie works at the birthing home which is part of an orphanage where I volunteer every Tuesday. Sometimes I

Corregidor holds a significant place in that history as it's where General MacArthur fled from when the Americans first surrendered the Philippines and raised the white flag. Interestingly, Jonathan Wainwright, who lowered the flag, is said to have cut off a piece and burned the rest so that the flag would not be get out with the kids on Saturdays as well and this past Saturday we went to an indoor play area. It's really fun seeing them so excited. I'm also constantly amazed at how well behaved they are. They travel well in taxis and they're so polite and quiet when we eat. I'd really like to better understand that phenomena here.