Camping in China                                                   The Blob,  Vol. 4, Issue 10, November 2009
Firday November 6th, 2009

 Camping in China

 So I finally got to visit David in China and I got to meet his secret fiancee Freda! Congrats you two! Good luck with the parents . . .
On the second night Dave took me to his secret camping spot in the mountains and he told me that the only reason he was allowing me to go there was because I don't live in China. Dave, Freda and I are the only ones who know about it. He's got his tent covered over with an army camouflage tarp to make it more difficult for anyone to accidently find the site. Unfortunately, getting there does require a little bit of hacking through some thorns (see my war wounds in the video).
Being up there camping was like another world for me. I couldn't even imagine my life here in Manila while I was there. The second day in the mountains I spent three

hours straight lying on my therma rest looking up at the sky. It was so peaceful and I processed so much. I also finished the Road Less Travelled while I was there and Dave got pretty caught up in it when I wasn't reading it. I'll have to read that book again. The book spoke to me so much it's uncanny.
The second week-end, the four of us on the left went camping together for the first night. David and I continued on together the second night without a tent and we slept under the stars
in a farmer's field. It was so cool and beautiful hiking with a back pack and then just sleeping where we wanted.
On the last day we climbed the mountain on the far left. The trees had all burned down in a fire the week before so the mountain was covered in soot. As a result, our legs and arms were pretty black when we got down. I felt like I'd been chimney sweeping again!
I won the Rock/Paper/Scissors for the first shower but much to my dismay, the power was off when we
got home because my sweet Cupcake hadn't paid his electicity bill for two months. Before I got too excited, Dave walked downstairs, flicked the switch back on and voila! The power was back! I guess that's how it works in China . . .
The weather was just perfect while I was there however there were a few mosquitoes around. As a result, Dave sleeps with a mosquito net around his bed. I used a more creative solution by putting a tent on my bed! Hahaha!
See you again soon Sweetie Pie! ;)