A Wedding and a Graduation                                                                  The Blob,  Vol. 5, Issue 5, June 2010
Wednesday June 9th, 2010
A Wedding and a Graduation
Well, congrats are in order to David for being the first one out of the bachelor's club!!! Yay!
The wedding was pretty fun. We shopped for plants the day before the wedding, setting them up at the church and making sure the kitchen near the church would be ready for cooking the food the morning of the wedding. David's aunt and co-teacher took charge of cooking the food and they made a lot! I still can't believe that he served his secret camping noodles recipe at his wedding, but I must admit that I think they might have been my favourite dish!
Dave's aunt flew over from Sweden, though she's actually Dutch. She's a retired teacher now, though I have no idea how she survives. Teacher's pensions aren't very high in Sweden. A couple of Dave's

friends from Dalian also came down which was pretty cool. There were like seven of us sleeping in David's apartment the night after the wedding!
School is out now AND I've just completed the last course for my Masters of Science today! Yay! I can't believe I did another degree. I never wanted to get another degree before because I'm not big on having all of the letters. This degree however was tied very closely to my teaching practices so it was very valuable to my daily life. It was also a really cool experience taking it with so many other experienced teachers. We all grew together through the experience. But now, onto new things and to Canada! Yay!

Left: 'nearly done' grad photo
Top: New stuffed animals!
Above: my action research partner
Left: the wedding was a little warm
Above: cool cacti!
Left: Indonesian restaurant
Above: cool cacti