Summer Tour 2010        Spain                                                       The Blob,  Vol. 5, Issue 6, August 2010
Wednesday June 9th, 2010
Summer Tour 2010
2010 was another great summer at home in Canada and the US. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! It sure made up for the cold summer last year.
I had a bit of a strange dynamic going on inside me. I was excited all summer about the new iPhone 4 coming to Canada unlocked, so that made me excited for the end of the summer when it would be released. On the other hand, I didn't want the summer to end. Sadly, they released the new phone on the very day that I had to leave the country so I couldn't get it before I left and now I'm waiting for it to get delivered from China to Canada so that my aunt can then send it to me in Manila! How funny is that, eh? That's the same thing that happened with my Macbook Air. It was sent from China to Canada and

then Roy brought it to me in Istanbul when he visited. There's no way for me to have it delivered to a non-Canadian address. Isn't it ironic how sometimes the most logical things can't happen? I tend to see life through logical eyes a little too much. That makes it pretty interesting when I talk with people who see life through their senses or their emotions. I feel like some people can't understand me that way because their experience of life is so different and they expect people to see life through their same eyes. I think we all have this myopia to some degree. I definitely enjoy talking with other people who see life through logical eyes. At the same time, I enjoy talking with people who see life

differently because I like seeing things in new ways. That's partly why I'm a teacher: I like to learn new things. There's really no end to learning new things, is there? Isn't it ironic how we can get bored when there are so many things out there
to see, and do and experience?
Sometimes I feel like I know what an experience is going to be like, so I don't do it. For example, I might not want to play a game or have a discussion about something because I feel like I know how things will play out and if I know what's going to happen, then it's boring to do those things. The weakness to this argument is the fact that I'm arrogant to think that I know what's going to happen. I used to feel that a lot more, it's a bit of an
immature teenager thing to think that you know it all. I've definitely gotten over a lot of that, and everyday of my life takes me further away from thinking that I know what's going to happen. I still do however fall into that trap. Sometimes I want to shake my head when I realize what my dad and other older people thought of my 'know it all' attitude when I was a teenager. There are just some things that we can't understnad will change in us when we're younger. I would never have believed that I'd become a teacher or a chimney sweep when I was a teenager or that I'd have done half of the things that I've done.
I'm super glad that I got to visit my friends and family this summer!
Everything was so fun! I wish I could have stayed longer!!! I'm missing the beautiful month of August! See you again soon everyone! xo
Saturday August 14th, 2010