Spain                                                               The Blob,  Vol. 5, Issue 7, November 2010
Saturday November 13th, 2010
Spain 2010
 Yes, this will soon be my new home! I've decided to move there next year and I got a job at the American School of Madrid so Emily and I will finally live in the same city!!!
I really enjoyed seeing so many people out on the sidwalks walking. The traffic was also very pedestrian friendly. I'm not sure what I think of the bull fights, but we got to see one fellow trampled, and then later on in the same fight gored in the leg. Another fellow was tossed in the air by the bull and another ran out of the ring and jumped the fence after he dropped his cape and the bull charged him.
Barcelona had a lot of culture and history. Gaudi's art was very cool. It's definitely going to be fun to be able to so eaily get around Europe and see many cultures!