Global Reformation      Eco Village                                                       The Blob,  Vol. 5, Issue 8, December 2010
Sunday December 5th, 2010
Global Reformation
It's difficult to describe specifically what this means, but it's not what the top hits on Google describe. There appear to be more expats in the world each year. People from most countries have grown up in a faith or tradition which bear deep spiritual roots. Their faiths served them well in their own countries, but when they move to other countries, new questions and problems must be tackled which their hundred or thousand year old faiths and traditions can't easily answer. Martin Luther started the protestant reformation which gave powerto the people. While his thoughts were
considered heretical at the time, most people today would agree that he was right and applaud him for moving the faith of a lot of people to a deeper level. That same step must be taken again with this generation, but not with just one people group. Every nation on earth must assess their own faith and traditions in light of the faiths of other people they meet from other nations. This is no easy task as some of the wars and conflicts around the globe testify. There are too many supposed faith conflicts which is ironic because most faiths have peace at their core. What would a Jewish/Mulsim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist faith look like? We must share and explore our faiths and traditions together. Each faith has grasped some facets of GOD in deeper ways than other faiths and if only we could unite and share these beautiful insights rather than fear our differences, we could move forward globally in a harmonious and spectacular adventure.
Saturday December 11th, 2010 ICARE 2010:
Eco Village
Wow, I really feel like I just came back from a youth camp. We had a great bonding experience at the Eco Village and we experienced a lot. I'm actually feeling the after camp blues just now missing everyone from the trip. It's amazing what spending 24/7 with a group of people for four days can do.
Once again, I have to say that I feel like we received more than we actually gave. It's a great paradox.
One more week until Emily comes and a week later we'll be trekking up Mt. Apo! Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a fantabulistic New Year!