Mt. Apo                                                                 The Blob,  Vol. 6, Issue 1, January 2011
Sunday January 9th, 2011
Mt. Apo
So I finally made it up Mt. Apo. the highest peak in the Philippines at 2,954m (9,692 feet).
One of the other big excitements for me on the trip was going to an island of which a certain area is considered dangerous because of some extremist groups. It's partly related to Muslim/Christian relations. Emily and I were the only foreigners we saw on Mt. Apo so it would seem that most foreigners are afraid to travel to that island. We also had more requests for photos then I've ever had before in a foreign country.
At the same time, I was reading a book called 'A Deadly Misunderstanding' which is about the commonalities between Christianity and Islam, a side theme of which is the commonalities with other faiths. The book lead me to further conclude that the western concept of Christianity is exaggerated. Another big conclusion is that jihad is misunderstood by most and the best way to fight that misconception is by correcting the idealogy rather than with violence. The world could be so different. . .