Madrid                                                                The Blob,  Vol. 6, Issue 3, September 2011
Friday September 9th, 2011

Yes, I'm finally in Spain! Emily and I are living in the same city!
So far, this is one of my favourite cities. I've biked to school about five times now. It takes me about 50 minutes, but the scenery is great. I bike along the river and then I bike through a big empty park with some cool trees and then I'm at work! I'm also really liking the foldable bike so far. I wouldn't be able to fit a normal bike in my elevator without standing it on end and taking it on the train and metro would be more difficult.
I've also been out hiking in a beautiful spot called 'Cercedilla'. There's a ski hill out there, the biggest ropes course I've ever seen and a lot of trails, including one of the Camino de Santiago routes (The St. James Way). I'd like to bike the Camino Santiago with Emily sometime this year from France as that is the most popular pilgrim's route.
I think this is also one of my favourite bachelor pads and I think it's because I have a balcony (pic on left) and I also just feel cool because I have my own eco friendly transportation. I'm also excited about all of the sidewalk/plaza cafes and restaurants. Come and visit! :)
Hopefully the iPhone 5 will come out soon so I'll start taking more pics and posting regularly again.