Camino Santiago                                                                The Blob,  Vol. 7, Issue 3, August 2012
Friday August 17th, 2012
Camino Santiago

Riding my bike across Spain was awesome! Here's a rundown of where I stayed:
Day 1: Puente de la Reina, Aug 3rd, camping
Day 2: Logrono, Aug 4th, camping
Day 3: Santo Domingo, Aug 5th, auberge (rain)
Day 4/5: Burgos, Aug 6th,7th, camping
Day 6: Castrojeriz, Aug 8th, camping
Day 7: Sahagun, Aug 9th, camping
Day 8: Villadangos del Paramo, Aug 10th, camping
Day 9: Molinaseca, Aug 11th, b&b
Day 10: Samos, Aug 12th, room
Day 11: Arzua, Aug 13th, room
Day 12: Santiago, Aug 14th, aft bust home
Camping was great for meeting people and getting a better sleep with less noise and snoring.

  The weather was fantastic. I saw a bit of rain in the afternoon after hitting Santo Domingo so I slept there rather than continuing. I didn't see rain again until the last day riding into Santiago. The mornings were cold and sometimes required two layers, but the afternoons were hot. There were sunflowers everywhere!
I met a German fellow on the trip who'd biked over 5000km from Germany. He was doing the trip as a sort of therapy. We biked together from Logrono to Sahagun. I also met a Dutch couple who'd biked almost 2000km from Holland. Another Dutch fellow I met at the end of the trip had also biked from Holland and he was also doing the trip as a form of therapy. One Dutch girl I met was doing the trip because she quit her job with the airforce after they told her that her contract wouldn't be renewed in a year's time. Her parents also retired in Spain and she's planning to visit them. With the exception of a few busy highways, I loved the whole trip!